Responsible Gaming at Crickex

We, the Crickex team, for part, have always promoted the principles of responsible gaming among bettors. Comfort, safety and absence of risks associated with playing with real money is a very important aspect that company pay attention to. Company want to make sure that Crickex users do not face similar problems. Users, in turn, should understand all the consequences of the game and responsibly treat their betting and casino games. On this page we want to remind you once again of the importance of reponsible gambling, to prevent the possible development of addictions and to share Crickex’s policy on the subject.

Responsible Gaming Policy

Company only accept and allow adult users over the age of 18 from India to play. Most of them are well aware of the importance of playing for real money, know how to control themselves, limit betting and do not succumb to gambling addiction. At the same time, unfortunately, sometimes there are situations when a player can lose control and face big money losses, psychological problems and addiction. 

First of all, Crickex promotes the fact that gambling and casinos are a way to spend time and relax, but not a way to make money. It is a kind of entertainment or a hobby. There is always a risk and luck factor in betting, and nothing and nobody can guarantee you constant winnings, no matter what strategy you apply.

Here are the basic things you need to remember before you start playing on Crickex:

If you remember these points, you are unlikely to have any problems and just have fun on Crickex.

Preventing Gambling Addiction

The biggest problem with betting addiction is that the bettor can rarely realize on his own that this problem is present. Crickex has prepared some basic signs that a user has such a problem:

If at least some of some of these points are about you, then company recommend that you take a break right away, because you are developing an addiction to playing for real money. 

In that case, you need to seek help from specialized institutions. In order to get the contacts of such institutions, you just need to write to Crickex support at any time and specialists will quickly pass you all the information.

Also remember that company can always block your Crickex account if you realize that you have a gambling addiction problem and write to us with such a request. Crickex can also freeze it for a certain period of time so you can take a break.